Moon by Ai WeiWei + Olafur Eliasson

URL: Visit Moon

Wondermob took part in realizing a landmark and poignant, collaborative public art piece from Ai Weiwei and Olafur Eliasson, two of the most important visual artists living today.

Moon was conceived as an aesthetically minimal but magnificent piece, drawing from the ethos and oeuvre of both artists- Eliasson’s studies of circles and spheres and Ai Weiwei’s steadfast commitment to free expression. The resultant digital work is a perpetual testament to the ongoing importance global and galactic speech.

Relying heavily on WebGL technology to bring to life the dimensionality of the moon and atmosphere, the journey leads the user through trippy orbits to a custom drawing canvas that remains permanently etched onto the surface of the moon.

Moon aims to contain one million marks of sayings, pictures, and thoughts from around the world.