These subjects represented the future media for gameplay, narrative works, scientific exploration, general experimentation and beyond. I have a vested interest in immersive storytelling and will continue to generate ideas and experiment so long as I can. Below are some projects I was able to work and contribute to.

The first was my own personal experiment with a Puff the magic dragon pop-up book cover. Envisioning new ways to interact with physical objects is always worth the experimentation, even it goes NOWHERE!

The second video was part of a more comprehensive solution for Maybelline that involved augmenting "the Wall", essentially the drug store makeup aisle, with extended information on certain products. The Wall is a physical area of the drug or big box store with scant and expensive real estate. Thus, advertising and extended informational material is sacrificed for product. By augmenting the Wall with AR experiences, we are able to deliver almost limitless information to the savvy consumer at time of purchase.

Barricade film was a two day production blitz of an AR marketing project executed for Allied Entertainment. The experience invovled two interactions associated with the movie poster/dvd cover to help drive traffic to theaters, stores, and online retailers to purchase the movie.

Please check back as I will be uploading some documentation of prototypes here including a VR audio only immersive experience as well as some dailies on a new sort of VR erotica concept I am currently working on with a few well known artists.